Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's In The Wind

I don't like change.

Let me correct that.

I don't like unexpected change.

I actually DO like change that I have planned. In fact, today's post is all about change.

I have been working on a couple of big projects here in the forest. Shawn and I painted the kitchen cabinets and walls. We had to remove wall paper, but it was worth the work. The only problem now is that I'm not crazy about the color I painted the kitchen. I was trying to reproduce an accidental delight I accomplished in a previous home. No dice. My choices were not close enough to the original to accomplish the same result. And the result I am currently living with happens to be somewhat pink. I don't really like pink all that much.
Before, with handles in the middle of the doors.
After, with the handles moved. Nice, eh?
This past weekend Shawn and I pulled the nasty pink print carpet out of the play room and replaced it with neutral linoleum. We will be laying tile in the kitchen next to it, but the dogs sometimes leave unexpected puddles, and I don't want the floor ruined.

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My Goodness said...

I do love the cabinets and the floor. And I agree about the pink. It does look pink. What shall you do?