Tuesday, April 6, 2010

(non) chocolate covered

I don't have much to say these days. I admit that I have been cheating shamelessly on Blogger, with the suave, debonair Facebook.
How can I resist such appeal of posting in short, choppy, third-person-sentences, from the comfort of my cell phone.
I suppose I could splurge and add internet access to my cell phone package, but where would that leave my darling facebook?
Meanwhile, Caleb offered me something today that reminded me of this joke:

A pastor goes to the hospital to visit one of his church members.
As he is sitting there, he spies a bowl of peanuts, and helps himself.

After he leaves, the patient scowls to his wife,
"You know how long it took me to suck the chocolate off of those?"

So, thanks for the offer, but I'll pass on the pile of almonds you have extracted from the almond kisses, but thanks.


rthling said...

PS. And yes, I know that you can blog via SMS or MMS. I just didn't get around to setting it up before today.

Chris said...

that kid cracks me up.