Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beginning again

Back in 1993, you know, when I was 12, I first started working for FedEx as a handler. It was brutal work. I started in the very toughest place of all: the input. This is where packages are removed from the containers and placed on conveyor belts where they are whisked away to primary sort. I didn't stay in that area any longer than necessary, as I learned pretty quickly that you can bid on other jobs, which are less.... vigorous. I worked all over the place in the five years I was there: inside, outside, in the dangerous goods area, outbound, high security, whatever... I went to as many training classes as I could get my various managers to approve, gaining knowledge and certification to do pretty much everything there is to do in the entire operation, except a few things. I was even in management training.

Then I had a baby.

Twelve years and another child later, I am starting all over.

I can't even begin to tell you how terrifying it is this time. For one thing, I'm MUCH older this time. For another thing, I'm not in the shape I was in when I was, ahem, twelve. My knees, feet, and back are telling me stories now. When I try to go to bed, they have to let me know just how much they protest this thing that I am doing to them.

Thankfully, and I DO mean that I have spent the past few days thanking God, I was not placed in an input. I managed to score an outbound manager who has several flights. She graciously put me in a place of minimal brutality, and I am ever so grateful. It's still hard work, but I know just how much harder it could be, so I have been very thankful.

Technology has changed, but the basic operation is the same. Packages come in; they are sorted; they go back out.

Meanwhile, I'm getting a good workout in, drinking plenty of water, trying to figure out what to eat and when, so as not to end up with the monster headache I had after the first night. The kids are learning to cope for a while without me in the morning, and Hailey has really bent over backward to be kind and gentle to me.

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Joanna said...

You can do it you tough cookie!