Friday, August 20, 2010

Epic Fail

I have mentioned before that I don't like people who don't do their job. And particularly, one person in particular gets on my last particular nerve, but I'm REALLY trying to keep a good attitude about it. Last night, (still today to me, because I haven't been to bed yet) she was in rare form. She doesn't do anything and she treats me like I'm an idiot. I have a very strong suspicion that she doesn't like me, which is fine, because the feeling is mutual. But we do have to work together, so I try to be nice.
But God has been on my case about my attitude. I can't do anything about her actions, but I can do something about my REactions. So tonight, whenever I would feel the frustration building, I would sing a song I learned as a child, which is basically Philippians 4:8 put to music:
"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

Meanwhile, I am trying to keep my mind stayed on God and how He so richly blessed me all day yesterday.
It started with my manager letting me go home early so I would be well rested for an appointment I had. Then, at this appointment, I took a very tough test and miraculously passed it. I say miraculously, because there's no way I got any of the answers right on purpose. I didn't have time to do the complex math problems, much less decide which multiple choice answer to pick. So, either God directed my hand in the random choices I made, or the correct answer wasn't really the point. They told us to not leave anything blank. I answered everything.
Then I got a message from a friend whose child has outgrown the uniform shirts I needed to buy for Hailey, and wants to bless us with them. Hailey gets some used, but still in good condition uniform shirts for free!
So tonight I was determined to keep my chin up and not let her get to me. I was fine almost all night.
Then IT happened.
Every night we go load a plane near a building with a restroom. Every night, several of us go into this building and use said restroom. Tonight, however, I asked if it was okay for me to go inside and she told me we weren't allowed to go in there. I told her I go in there every night. Apparently, we aren't really supposed to go in, because the pilots don't like to share their nice building with hourlies. So I can't go use the restroom.
She says, "You should have gone before you came out to the plane."
I say, "I didn't want to leave the slide, when I always use the bathroom out here."
She says, "Well, you can't go in there anymore."
So I say, "Well, then, you'll have to take me back."
She says, "I can't take you back now. We have to load the plane."
I lost it.
I got off the people mover and shouted that she could have told me that before she drove me all the way out to the plane, stormed off, threw my bag to the ground, and proceded to tell the rest of the crew just what I thought of being treated that way.
After it was all said and done, I had to apologize for over reacting and being childish. Who knows if I will be in trouble for making a fuss, but I did apologize to everyone individually.
But the thing I was most grieved about was that I was trying so hard to be a witness to these people. I had even had the chance to share the gospel with some of them. But I am still a sinner. We all make mistakes. Thankfully, God's mercies are new every morning.
And guess what?
It's morning!


Joanna said...

That is part of the testimony. Most people think being a Christian means you don't have human feelings with turn the other cheek and forgive others. You might have been more of a witness for losing your cool BUT owning it and apologizing. God can use anything and any situation to turn things around. Hugs!

rthling said...

Aww, Thanks for the reminder Joanna!