Friday, June 3, 2011

SO busy!

It is almost noon and what have I done today? I have been outside for a walk/run and taken a nap. I have read a bit and facebooked a bit. I have prayed for a while and caught up on a few blogs I enjoy. Basically, I have done nothing. At this very moment my children are watching their second hour of television, and their brains are turning to mush.
It 's not like I have nothing to do, mind you.
The house is a mess.
The boat needs to be finished getting clean.
The laundry should be going.
The dogs need bathed.
The wallpaper in Caleb's room needs to be finished being stripped.
I have guests coming over for dinner, and I'm not really sure what we are having yet.
I should really get busy.
After I lay out...


Joanna said...

It's that time of year when the get up and go, got up and went!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying every bit of it!!!