Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Carburetor Came out of My Mouth!

I took my husband to the airport today. He left me. I am so lonely I could cry. Friday cannot possibly get here soon enough, and then I will go get him. He's on a business trip to Chicago and will returning in exactly two days, six hours, and forty-seven minutes. But I don't want to seem pathetic, so I will say he is coming back in a couple of days. On the way to the airport there was a plastic grocery bag floating through the air, drifting across the lanes, and it couldn't decide where it was going. So that meant I couldn't decide, either. It faked left, then it faked right, then it faked faking left, and then faked right. Okay, decide already! (I know you must have seen that episode of That 70's Show, right) I told Shawn that I don't like to run over those bags, because they get stuck under your car and then melt to the carburetor. Alright! I KNOW the carburetor is not really under the car, but that was the car part that came to mind first. That was the car part that wanted, no, NEEDED recognition. So a carburetor came out of my mouth. Well, not literally! I mean the word.


Lorrie said...

I'm laughing, I can so see you swerving to miss the bag.
Btw, I wouldn't know how to spell carburetor much less know where the thing is actually located.

rthling said...

Oh, Lorrie! I had no clue how to spell carburetor until I went in search of one of Shawn's small engine repair manuals. (sheepish grin)

My Goodness said...

Funny, funny!!

I can tell I'm going to laugh everytime I read your blog!