Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taxi, please!

After five hours of road trip, Chris and I were looking forward to a peaceful dinner. But first, I had to make the transaction. I was there to buy a car I hadn't even seen, for a man who was in Chicago. I finally hooked up with the woman selling it, after passing each other by the door. (thank you, cell phones) She gave me the key, and I went out to drive it around the parking lot. It was just what I expected, and even still smelled nice. (thank you, yankee candle car jar). But then the excitement began.
Her friend, who drove there with her to bring her home, went into a seizure and passed out at the table. I called 911, told them where we were, and what was happening, and they asked if I needed an ambulance. Now, if I'd been on my toes, I could have said that a taxi would be cheaper, but I missed my chance, and just said, "Yes, please." Boring, I know. I let even myself down. The whole thing sounds more clever in my head.
The stinky part was that after driving five hours, I still had to make the transaction, even if her friend was dying. Well, she wasn't really dying. Her blood pressure was just out of whack. So while the EMTs were checking her over, I filled out everything for the seller to sign, and then passed over the check. Yes, it was tacky. Yes, it felt inappropriate, but I wasn't going all that way and just coming back home empty handed. After it was all over, and I was home with this automobile, I realized I had dropped the ball. I didn't do a walk around. I didn't check all of its functions. I didn't even open the back doors to see if it had seats. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I bought this car from a perfect stranger without so much as looking at it properly. But God looked out for me. Not only is it nearly perfect, but it is nearly perfect! Just as she described on her ad, and everything Shawn wanted. Except the color. Shawn wanted blue. I guess he'll just have to make do. You can't have everything, you know!


Lorrie said...

Sooo, what kind of car is it? Where did you go to for this car? Did they haul the lady away to the hospital or did they leave her there while ya'll made the sale? What an interesting story!


rthling said...

Shawn got a little Chevy Aveo hatchback for driving back and forth to work. His company is moving to the other side of the airport, and he needed an economy car. We met the lady in Cookeville, although she lives south of Knoxville. They actually did take the friend to the hospital, but not before I finished the sale. I felt like a heel for doing paperwork, but by then she was really fine. They just took her to make sure. And the woman I bought the car from didn't want to leave without making the sale, either. She had driven two hours to meet me.

My Goodness said...

What a story! Is anything simple for you!?!? :)

Totally understand the need for that ecomony car...