Monday, April 28, 2008

Those we don't speak of

I don't see him very often. He is the elusive creature who, like the ones in The Village, we don't speak of. His name is Angry Shawn. Very rarely he comes and visits. He looks like my husband, but I don't know him well.
Shawn is usually very mild and laid back. He never gets riled and loses his temper. Well, almost never. Which works around here, because I have a flash temper, and who needs two of those in one house?

My husband came into my room yesterday afternoon when the dreams were circling in my brain like a roulette wheel. They hadn't settled on a single topic yet, but consciousness had ebbed.

He came in to tell me he was going to Best Buy. Translation: "I'm going to get the laptop computer I liked last night."

When we were out the night before I reminded him of the tax free status of the weekend that covered computers. Knowing the money would have to come out of savings, and having not already done his research, he said he didn't want to even look. But after dinner, he said it might not hurt to at least see what was on sale. So we stopped at Circuit City.
Found one we liked, but wanted to look at a couple more places before taking the plunge.
Went to Best Buy. Found an even better one. Mentioned looking in a couple more places and possibly coming back "tomorrow."
Checked at Sam's. Nada.
Came home and did some research online. BB was still looking good. But then he decided to pass on the idea entirely. Shawn doesn't like to buy big things without LOTS of research and he was feeling rushed.

So I was surprised when he came and roused me from sleep. Kissed him goodbye, and told him to wake me when he brought it home. I like my Sunday afternoon nap.

But he never brought it home. Angry Shawn texted me that the sale had ended Saturday night and the manager would not honor the sale price from the day before. Hmmm, maybe they could have mentioned the sale was ending that night.
We told the salesman we were probably coming back "tomorrow." Even asked if he worked on commission so we could ask for him when we came back.
The manager stopped us on the way out the door and chatted with Shawn about why we would leave and come back the next day when the gas prices are so high. Wouldn't we like to save ourselves a trip? Never a word about the sale ending.
So Shawn was pretty steamed. He doesn't like to be jerked around. Good thing I wasn't there. I wouldn't have to blog about it. You would be hearing about me on the news.
All this after having to wait in line to even SEE the computers.


Lorrie said...

Ooohhh! I would be sooo mad!
Last year we stood in line "just to see" the pc's too and walked out with nothing after all that. So I know his frustration.

My Goodness said...

OH, that stinks!!!

Donald and Shawn are alike in that they have more patience that you and I. I can get 'hot' in a second, but Donald...nope.

Sorry he didn't get his 'puter.

Noodle said...

I detest Best Buy for similar reasons. There's nothing like having a salesman tell you he WON'T get a thousand dollar camera out of the case because "YOU can't afford THAT."

I refuse to even visit the website. I hate them that much.

The Boyds Family said...

Yep....I can relate. My Chaun almost never gets angry either but when he better watch out!! Me???? Yeah...notsomuch - but I'm getting better.

Anyway, I know of a few people - myself included - who have had some not so great experiences with Worst Buy.