Monday, June 9, 2008

Who You Callin' Fat?

Last week Chris had an appointment to take Zac's litter-mates in for their six week shots. I decided to piggy-back on her slot and take Z along for his shots, too. While she was there, Chris had her older Yorkies get caught up on their vet needs. Now, you all know that Zoe is the mom of all the sweet little puppies, but you might not know that Truly, her other Yorkie is Cricket's sister. That is, she is from the first litter. Her full name is Truly Scrumptious. As in the female character from Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang. I guess Truly thinks her food is scrumptious, because she is a bit pudgy. Okay, she is a LOT pudgy. And timid. She is quite the little Eeyore. She walks around with her head and tail down. Truly doesn't get excited about much, unless you happen to have a ball. Then she runs all over the place.
But while we were there, Dr. Sandy was asking Chris about Zoe's diet. Zoe is kind of scrawny, on account of just having a litter of puppies, and nursing them. But she still has a ton of milk. So Chris is trying to explain that she will be restricting their food to put Truly on a diet. It wasn't what she said, so much. It was what Dr. Sandy heard her say that cracked us up.
"You see that fatso over there?" Pointing under my chair where Truly was cowering.
Collective gasp from Dr. Sandy and her technician...
Suddenly Chris and I realized they thought she was talking about me.
I'm still laughing!
Okay, so I AM really the fatso in the room, but she and I don't see me that way. And she would NEVER refer to me that way.

And certainly not to my face!

I used to say that it didn't matter what color car I was driving because I am not looking at it from the outside. I am looking out from the inside. Sometimes being the fat person in the room slips my mind. I don't think of it, and most people don't treat me like it. I own my own space, and don't apologize for it.

I do, however, apologize for taking up some of your space too. Hee, hee!


Kellan said...

Oh, that last line made me laugh! Cute story and I'll bet those are darling puppies!

Have a good Tuesday - Kellan

My Goodness said...

HA! I'm knee-slappin' over here! That is SO funny!! :)

Lorrie said...

Thanks for the laugh! That was a good story! I'm still chuckling!