Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When it rains

My sister is finally getting her gall bladder out today. She's been having some pretty serious attacks, and I'm glad she'll be getting relief soon.
If they bump her from the schedule, I'll be really upset, because we have plans to travel to Iowa tonight.
Yes, we're crazy.
If the surgeon can remove her gall bladder laparoscopically, and if she's not hurling, and if she feels up to it we will leave tonight and I'll drive all night.
I have a bed all set up for her and she will just sleep through the trip.
If she has the traditional incision, we won't try such madness.
Why would we contemplate it at all?
Our favorite aunt has unexpectedly passed away, and we want to be there for her funeral, if at all possible.
In the event that my sister is unable to travel, I'll still go. I'll take Hailey so I won't be alone. I haven't mentioned the possibility to her because I don't want her to be disappointed if I leave her behind.
And yes, we really are crazy.

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