Monday, February 8, 2010

In Which We Screw the Customer and Treat Them Like They Are Stupid

I know everyone is cutting back.

I understand stretching things to make ends meet.

I know times are hard.

But please, oh, please do NOT add water to the syrup in a RESTAURANT!

We went to IHOP for breakfast on our lovely snow day. We ordered pancakes. (cuz that's what you do there. It's International House of Pancakes, you know)
I asked for the syrup to be passed. The little air bubble jiggled around much too freely. When I told the waitress that it was watered down, she frowned and said, "Not again!"

So I decided to speak to the manager about it. That guy must've thought I was a complete idiot, because he told me the bottles must get water in them when they are washed. I just looked at him with the most serious look and agreed. I'm sure he thinks he fooled me, but the joke is on him. This is a video of the blueberry and butter pecan syrups. The waitress took the old fashioned away.
This is the IHOP in Millington, TN, in case you didn't know.

If the embedded video won't play, you can see it on youtube here.



Smiling Shelly said...

So, would you like a little syrup with your water?

That's craziness!

Joanna said...

I'll say it again -eww!

Go over his head and complain to some regional office.