Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday (ladies only!)

It has been awhile since I did a Not Me! Monday. Mostly because I always do everything as planned, and never do anything embarrassing.


Anyhow, Not Me! Monday is the genius brain-child of MckMama, and is a great way of telling others about our imperfections and foibles.

So here goes:

This week, I was not having so much pain in my feet that I poured paraffin wax in zip lock bags to put my feet inside. And when my feet were NOT in the bags of hot wax and I was NOT lying back in the dark, on the recliner, I did not hike my right leg into the air to squeeze the bag around my foot to distribute the remaining melted wax.

Ladies do not "hike" their legs up into the air, and I am a lady.

And certainly, while said leg was NOT hiked in the air while I did NOT squeeze the bag of hot wax, the still-melted wax did NOT run out the bag, down my inner left thigh, and onto the seat of the recliner.

And while the hot wax was NOT running down my left thigh and onto the seat of the recliner toward my, uh, er, um, "place," I did NOT start scooting up the back of the recliner, but not quickly enough. And I did NOT! sit there while the remaining still warm wax came to rest against me, and with my eyebrows raised, say, "Huh!"



sherilynn said...

I'm so glad that did NOT happen to you!!

mskelli said...

That is so funny! So, the question is, do you feet feel better??????

Joanna said...

Friends don't let friends wax - of any kind!! Now I want to know how you were able to de-wax yourself. ;)

So wish we could do a movie night, btw!

rthling said...

Joanna, I sat very still until the wax cooled, then got up SLOWLY. The wax stayed on the chair.
Movie night would be so fun!
Kelli, my feet DID feel better!

Debbie said...

I did NOT just laugh at you!!!!

Yellow House said...

Funny post and cute blog layout! I can see myself NOT doing something like that. Have a great week!