Monday, March 8, 2010

She Hangs Her Undies Out To Dry

If the pain radiating from my foot, from whence my husband dug out a splinter is any indication, we might be in for some warmer weather soon.
I actually did a little sunbathing today. (you know, in between school lessons and hanging laundry out on the line.)

Speaking of laundry, I'm pretty particular about what I hang. I love the smell of freshly washed sheets on my bed, especially if they smell like trapped sunshine. I like to hang towels out to dry, because they smell so clean after my shower, but I'm not crazy about the stiffness. I hang them anyway. I don't usually hang jeans, because when they come off, they look like they can stand on their own, and that scares me. Every once in a while I hang out a load of colors.

But I never,


hang out underwear.

There are just some things folks don't need to see.

But today I made an exception. Today I hung the undies out to dry.

(I hung them on the side of the line away from the neighbor's house, where they won't be seen, though!)



HappyChristian said...

LOVE IT! sorry 'bout the splinter.

Kelli said...

Would you believe that every time I have ever hung something out to dry, a bird has pooped on it? I don't do clotheslines anymore. (especially since to a place where there are birds EVERYWHERE)

Debbie said...

When I was growing up, my mom hung all of the laundry out on the clotheslines. It was pretty humiliating for me as a teenager when all of the neighbors got to see my undies just a flapping in the wind. But I agree that all of our laundry smelled better when hung outside to dry. Although, I never made a habit out of sniffing my undies...therefore it would have saved my dignity to let them dry in the laundry room.

Jennifer Wade said...

Lol girl, you're so great!

My Goodness said...

Next time, run'em up a flag pole!!! LOL

I don't think I've every hung anything out to dry...ahem....