Thursday, June 24, 2010

These boots are made for...

When you start at FedEx, you never know where you will end up. The whole operation is massive, and the hub is acres upon acres.
The job may take you inside, where you move packages, or it may take you outside, where you move containers of packages.
And if you get lucky, you may get to do both.
But whatever the case, the safety shoes you are required to wear will need to last you for a while. It is wise to choose well. I chose a pair of waterproof ones.
Another of my fellow hirees was looking around at the selection, and in my desire to help a girl out, since I've been here before, I suggested to her that she select waterproof shoes, as well.
"What for?"
"Just in case they get wet."
"Well, I ain't working outside!"
I just looked at her in amazement. There is no way she knows where she's going.
I told her she will be outside if they assign her to an outside position.
I don't see her making it.

1 comment:

rthling said...

She left without purchasing anything.
After she was gone, the manager of the store told me that once a lady said she wouldn't be lifting packages.
Just where do these people think they work, anyway?