Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pollyanna Doesn't Live Here

We are experiencing some sort of mind-warp around here. I think the lack of structure that inevitably comes from being off school for the summer is causing problems.

Hailey is having a tough time right now.

She thinks she doesn't have any friends.

Of course, she has spent time with M, down the street.

She spent a few hours with B, just two days ago.

Yesterday she spent the ENTIRE DAY with J, including taking her swimming with us and then to church.

But when she went to bed last night, during our snuggle, she wailed about how she doesn't have any friends.

I listened to her problems for a while.

Then I told her to get a grip. I reminded her of the past few days of friend-fun.

I told her to train her mind to focus on the good things she has, instead of the things she might possibly be missing.

Methinks puberty is not too far in our future...



Kelli said...

Did you watch Pollyanna today? I watched it and the boys came in during the end, of course where I was all crying and trying not to let it show.

rthling said...

No, was it on, or did you have the DVD?
It is my Mom's favorite to watch when she's not feeling well.
I've seen it a lot.

Kelli said...

It came on Turner Classic Movies