Monday, October 26, 2009

Are we there yet?

What is it these days with the propoganda all over TV? I can barely watch anything anymore without homosexuality being thrown in my face. It seems like I get into a show and then they introduce a lesbian couple.
But I just realized that it isn't any different than any other sexual immorality to God.
This must be what our parents felt like as television was taken over with "free love."
We have been so inundated with sexual images that we aren't shocked anymore. At this rate, my kids will be as used to seeing homosexuality as I am used to seeing every other kind of immorality.
Time to chuck the TV, move to the mountains, and start the llama herd.


Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous that we can not watch anything without sexual content. One thing that has really been burning me for a while is the feminization of boys/men in the media. We were watching Monsters vs. Aliens. Don't know if you have seen this one or not, but there is a teenage couple that goes parking, the girl acts more aggressive, bold and manly than the guy does! In a cartoon!!! UGH!

Debbie said...

LOL! In a perfect world. I couldn't agree more. But then I'm utterly mortified by 85% of what they show on TV these days!

Anonymous said...

that's why we don't watch tv anymore...movies, yes- but we get to choose what's on the screen. (food network Jer & I watch at times together & Anna sometimes watches Little House on the Prairie, but the commercials are just as bad as some shows.)