Friday, October 2, 2009

Great Scott!

The hot tub has pooped out on us for the time being. Seems that you actually have to take care of these things once in a while. Okay, so it's the pump motor, and I can't really do anything to it, so upkeep on it isn't my spiritual gift. I just have to make sure the water's not nasty, and it's warm when it's needed.
Thankfully, I have a pretty handy hubby, and he took it apart to see what was up. Apparently there's a part in it that fires up like the starter on a florescent light bulb that makes the light turn on. It's called the capacitor.


Our flux capacitor is fried.

I don't think a giant bolt of lightning would be a great idea to power up the hot tub.

Do you?



Suzanne said...

Diane! Thank you for your comment (sweet, sweet...) Also thank you for that link, wow! That acapella piece was cool. It's so nice that we have singing in common.
Eventually we will post to YouTube, we are so picky and don't have the guts yet! We figure, there's only a handful of people who read our blog so...anyway, have an awesome weekend!

Joanna said...

*snicker* maybe a round house kick would get it going?