Thursday, August 7, 2008


Two weeks ago I called MIL (whose house we rent) to tell her that two appliances were in need of repair. No problem, because they were both purchased with service packages from Sears. Of course the refrigerator guy and the dishwasher guy are different people, so I looked funny to the drivers by who saw two repair vans in my driveway at one time. Refrigerator took all of twenty minutes and four hundred dollars. (which I didn't have to pay) Dishwasher, on the other hand, was a different story. It was broke. Parts had to be ordered. Rescheduled to Friday. Wait for parts to be delivered. Friday comes, repair dude comes back. Pulls out the dishwasher, fiddles with it for thirty minutes.
"Mrs. Thomas, I'm afraid the part they sent was defective. I'm going to order a new one shipped emergency status, and reschedule you for next Tuesday between 8-12."
Tuesday comes around, no show. 12:15 I call Sears.
"Mrs. Thomas, we don't have you on the schedule today. There's not a technician in your area."
After an earful of my unhappiness, rescheduled for Thursday between 8-12.
Today, which is Thursday, no show. 12:02 I call Sears.
Get shuffled around, hung up on twice.
Finally a call from the tech. "I just arrived at a job, I have two more after, then you're next."
12:25 I call Sears again. No help. Spend forty five minutes on hold. Does anybody know that patience is NOT my strong suit? I'm playing solitaire on the computer to keep my nerves from completely exploding. The veins in my neck are pulsing, and I can hear my heartbeat in my ears. Finally, Sears lady comes back on and tells me to expect a call from the customer service hotline immediately. Have they called?
They don't care that this is the third day that I've waited for them. One of the ladies spilled the beans and told me that the tech was having lunch.
"Well, Mrs. Thomas, they need to eat sometime."
I understand he needs to eat, but it's not my fault that he was scheduled too many jobs in the morning.
They don't care that this is my third day waiting around for someone to show up.
They don't care that we have been hand washing dishes for two weeks.
I know that's stupid to be angry about having to hand wash dishes, I used to do it all the time, but I have a dishwasher with a service contract, people!
Could I get some service?


Lorrie said...

I'm sorry you have had such a difficult time with the service. Maybe Sears should consider hiring more techs. Or making better appliances....Is this a maytag??? hmmm....
If you were using Dawn you should have soft smooth hands by now, right?

Kellan said...

There's nothing worse than poor/slow customer service - when you need something fixed and NOW!

Thanks again for allowing me to use your post over at On The Flipside - it is up today and I enjoyed having you as Guest Blogger. I hope you had a good day - Kellan

HappyChristian said...


My Goodness said...

Ugh!! I would be oh so angry as well!! That's ridiculous!

Joanna said...

Mercy! I can't believe they informed you that he's on a lunch break when they over scheduled him. Yuck!
And you're the third person I've heard that a part ordered came in already broke - what is up with that??

Hope it all works out!

The Boyds Family said...

Nothing like good ol' customer service.

He's prolly scared to come back now b/c he knows he screwed up.