Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Off the charts Smell-O-Meter

In the attempt to break free from renting the in-laws' house, Shawn and I have been scoping out the market. I went to see three possibilities in the same neighborhood this evening. Let's just say they were quite a variety.
I have a recurring dream in which I am walking through a house with no halls. One room leads to another and the only way to get to the next room is to go through the one I'm in. Each room is more hideously lavishly decorated than the one before, which sounds like it would be a good thing, but they have been decorated by my MIL, who is known for decorating with the bargains at Big Lots.
The first house I saw tonight was that house. There were two bedrooms that had bedrooms on the other side of them. You had to walk through one to get to the other. I couldn't believe how much that creeped me out. I spent much of the time trying to unlock the mystery of the current owner's existence, and we finally decided that it must be occupied by an older lady who lives alone.
As I was leaving, following the agent, I saw a small black car in the driveway of the next house. There were a couple of young-ish people in it. I wondered if they were the owners of the house I had just seen, and they were waiting for us to leave, so they could go back home. As I suspected, they waited until we were almost around the corner, and pulled into the driveway we'd just vacated. The agent and I continued around to the next house, when my Something Doesn't Smell Right-O-Meter went clanging in my head.
They didn't fit the house.
I suggested to the agent that something seemed off, and she went back. Sure enough, they had pulled into the driveway, backed up to the door, and were looking mighty suspicious. So the agent drove by slowly, looked the situation over, and went across the street to the fire department to call the police. By the time the police got there, they had left. Tina said they saw her checking them out, and thought they got scared. If it was me, I'd have blocked the driveway, snapped a couple of pictures of their car, then called the cops. Of course, I'd have probably been shot right in front of my kids, too.
Good thing I wasn't the one there at the time.
The second house was a foreclosure that is sitting empty. It reeks of animals, there are dead cockroaches everywhere, and it needs a LOT of work. The notes on the listing printout says it needs some TLC. The realtors remarks say it needs some touch up repairs. I think it needs a laying on of hands.
The third house was very sweet, in the "I love pink and cats" sort of way. It was also sitting empty, but it is not a foreclosure. It is nicely staged, smells nice, and is very clean. I'd call this move-in-ready, except for the need for paint. I don't love pink.
I think Shawn needs to see all three so he gets an idea of what $100,000 gets you.


The Boyds Family said...

Good for your smell-o-meter for paying close attention and trusing your gut.

Good luck with the house hunting - with the housing market the way it is right now, you should be able to find whatever you want and just about name your price. :)

Kelli said...

Wow!! Cool that you were paying attention and went with the feeling. You probably kept some old lady from getting robbed. Good luck with the house hunting!!!

Joanna said...

I feel your pain - house hunting is a pain.

Good job for picking up on something stanky!