Monday, March 9, 2009

Breakfast at Thomas' **updated**

She's not what I'd call a picky eater. (I have one of those, so I know what that looks like)

But she's not much of a breakfast eater...

unless it's eggs, or pancakes, or waffles, or muffins... anything that requires cooking.

Small wonder that I taught her to cook breakfast-type things.

I dare not tell her to eat cereal. She will have a fit worthy of a two-year-old, and then insist she wants oatmeal.

I dare not tell her to eat oatmeal. She will have a fit worthy of a two-year-old, and insist that she HATES oatmeal.

But when I am tired of looking at my almost-eleven-year-old having a two-year-old fit, I just grab the paddle, and tell her to bend.

Did you know that when Momma is holding a paddle, that it is a bad idea to refuse to bend?

Bad idea.

Very bad idea, indeed.

**edited to add**
My kids pretty much fix their own breakfast, since cereal and oatmeal are simple. I keep easy things on hand, like toaster pastries, french toast sticks, nutri-grain bars, and fruit, but she has to get all complicated sometimes.
Hailey only cooks with permission, and she doesn't cook every day. She just forgets occasionally that I'm the Mom, and her job is to obey.



My Goodness said...

Bending is better than not...and she should know that just like you know about her breakfast issues, right??


Kelli said...

oh my. Guess she will not ask what is for breakfast, just go cook something for herself from now on, eh?

Joanna said...

Then beat her back into reality! hee hee

Suzanne said...

Don't even get me started with the picky eaters...I have one and that's enough!