Saturday, March 28, 2009

South of the (vermillion) border

According to Caleb's doctor at the minor medical place, where I took him for stitches, there is a very fine line between a $25 co-pay, and a $50 ER charge + deductible.
This line is called the vermillion border, and it's the line where your lip goes from lip to skin.
This line is very important, and doctors don't like to mess it up. If you have a significant cut, requiring stitches, you may, or may not have to see a plastic surgeon to repair it.
Thankfully, the cut was clean instead of jagged, and wasn't through the entire lip, otherwise, we'd have had a problem.
And Hailey, who caused the cut, would have felt MUCH worse!

This has been your medical lesson for the day.
Carry on.


My Goodness said...

I had plastic surgery!!

I was beaned in the mouth with a softball and the cut crossed the line...

Should've paid them to work on my nose while they were at it.


Glad you didn't have to do more than you did...

JMBMOMMY said...

Wow, so glad it wasn't worse!!!

Joanna said...

Yikes! Who knew? Hope he's feeling better.