Friday, March 13, 2009

Grilling Goodness # 22

Okay, it's Friday again. You all know what Friday means, right?
Yep, another delicious, nutricious, 0 points, fat-free, calorie-free Grilling Goodness.
Play along, if you like. Just check in with Tina, at Golden Goodness, sign in with Mr. Linky, copy and paste the questions to your own blog, and voila! You're Grillin'!

1. Did you learn anything new this week?
I learned that my husband doesn't "do" rest and recover well.
I also learned that raking leaves can be an aerobic activity.
I learned that I will rake and bag half an acre of leaves if it kills me, if it means my husband, who is supposed to be resting and recovering from surgery, will actually REST AND RECOVER.

2. Will you wear green on St. Patty's Day or do you not give a hoot??

Eh, I'm not in to Pt. Patty's Day, much, but in the interest of not being pinched, I'll wear green underwear. (Or I'll tell people I'm wearing green underwear. They don't want to see fat-girl undies, so they don't require proof.)

3. Do you wash clothes throughout the week or only on a specific day?

We pretty much do laundry every day, or every other day. Of course, there are the days when I leave it to the laundry fairy, but she tends to be over-booked, and forgets to show up. I'm contemplating submitting a formal complaint to her supervisor.

4. What is one of the most popular 'spams' you get in your junk email inbox?

I don't really pay much attention to spam. I ate way too much of it, as a child, and now I am afflicted by spamophobia. When I see that my junk folder has stuff in it, I scan it briefly, to make sure nothing important is there, and delete the rest without really looking at it.

5. Are you where you want to be? (you decide the meaning of the question for your answer)

I love the house we bought, so I'm living where I want to be. I love the church we attend, so I'm where I want to worship. I love homeschooling our children (on the whole), so I work where I want to work. I love my husband, so I'm where I want to be relationally. I love my dogs, so I'm where I want to be with pet ownership. I love the friends I have, so I'm where I want to be on Facebook. I'm not where I want to be with my weight, but I can't remember when I ever was, so that's normal for me. I'm not where I want to be Spiritually, I wish I was faithful to my quiet time.

6. Do you know how to swim?

I do know how to swim, and I love swimming. And I'm looking forward to the pool in my sister's back yard being open in a couple of months.

7. Do you take trips with your girlfriends?

I have taken a couple of trips with my sister, and one great trip with Sound Doctrine.
Both trips were wonderful! I especially enjoyed getting the pampering treatment on my spa trip with Chris.

8. What was your favorite purchase this week? (big or small)
I bought Hailey a few clothes at Cato that are really cute, but my favorite thing I bought myself was a pair of striped knee socks.



My Goodness said...

1. You learned a lot...glad you're raking and not me...I prefer to aerobicize on the treadmill!


4. My mom used to fry spam for us. I think it's been about 20 years since I ate that stuff!

5. We have a lot in, marriage, friends and spiritually...

6. I had NO idea you don't know how to swim! wow!

8. I LOVE 'em! :)

Thanks for playing my game! :)

My Goodness said...

I'm an idiot...I must've gone completely cross-eyed when I read that answer! Sorry Dolphin Diane! :) haha

Suzanne said...

Hi Diane! Thanks for dropping by the blog. I also follow "Bring The Rain" which is also one of my favorite songs. When I heard Angie and Todd's story, I was sooo sad. It really spoke to me and I ended up emailing Angie about the Hope Clinic for women in Nashville and trying to see if there was anything in my area like it. Anyway, even in your situation, God is loving and merciful and knows so much more than we do. I'm thankful for that! Have a great day!