Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chocolate bandit

Night before last, I heard a ruckus out on the deck. I thought Shawn must be stumbling around in the dark, so I did the kind thing and switched on the light.
Perched atop the grill, just right outside the back door was a very surprised racoon, trying desperately to retain his hold on a mug of burned chocolate I had put there earlier. He just had this look in his eyes, that said,
"You don't see me. If I don't move, you can't see me. Must. Not. Drop. Chocolate!"
All the while, the mug was slipping out of his grasp, and about to fall to the deck. Surprisingly enough, it didn't even break when it fell.



Kelli said...

OOOOHHHH!!!! I hate wildlife!! I saw a giant opossum in our back yard one day. I swear it looked like one of the ROUSs from The Princess Bride!! YUK!

Joanna said...

Actually that was me. *hee hee*

Oh I so hate the critters! We've had our own Over the Hedge adventure with them. Yuck!

HappyChristian said...

ok, now why does that raccoon and I sound so much alike this week? LOL