Monday, April 6, 2009

This proud momma moment brought to you by...

Last year when the kids took their satandardized (totally a typo, but too funny to delete) standardized testing, Caleb didn't score well on reading comprehension. In fact, he was far enough below average to cause me a little concern. This year he has picked up reading, and has gained a lot of ground.

Tomorrow they are going up to the school for this year's round of tests, so we are doing a little test prep work.

Caleb answered nearly every question correctly on the reading comprehension section I gave him. But halfway through his work I realized I had made a big mistake. I chose to keep it to myself until he was finished, just to see how he did.

I had given him Hailey's pages.

She's in the fifth grade.

He's in the third.


Kelli said...

Go Caleb!!! One good thing about living in Alabama....we are not required to do testing!!

Chris said...


~*Angel*~ said...

This is such an awesome story! Proud Momma indeed!