Friday, May 22, 2009

Grilling Goodness

1. Do you have a cell phone that allows you to check your email?
My Gravity would be happy to let me check my email, as long as I was checking it on the computer, 'cuz I don't have internet access on my phone.

2. Have you ever caught a foul ball at a baseball game?

3. What foreign accent can you imitate the best?
I can't 'do' foreign accents, but my brother in law is amazing at it.

4. Do you have plans for Memorial Day?
I thought I might plant some stuff, and visit the graveyard in my back yard, just to see all the graves of soldiers from WWII there.

5. Does your hair look decent if you let it air dry?
I do it all the time, and no one has run from me screaming because of my hideousness.

6. When is the last time you went to a waterpark?
Couple of years ago, Shawn and I went to the one at Six Flags. Had a blast!The cool thing about the slides is that there is no weight limit, and I got to ride everything!

7. Do you turn on your porch light every night?
Porch light, no, but the light on my light post, at the end of my driveway is always on. (even when it got ran over)

8. Have you ever had to call the fire department?
Once, we burned some tree branches and after the fire was out completely, and we were lying in bed that night, we heard sirens. They got closer and closer, until we decided to go outside and see where they were going. To our surprise, they pulled into our yard, in full gear, ready to fight a fire that didn't even exist. When they asked us why we would have a fire when we were under a burn ban, I told them that we didn't know. "It was on the news," they said. I didn't see the news. "It was in the paper," they said. We didn't get the paper. They were going to bill us for coming out.
I told them they could bill whomever called them, because we didn't call, and we didn't need them. We never saw that bill.
The other time a fire truck came to our house was when Hailey had an allergic reaction, and I called 911. The fire department was the first on the scene.



JMBMOMMY said...

Wow, a graveyard in your backyard...that might be a deal breaker for me!!!

See I would never know if there was something like a burn ban news or paper here.

rthling said...

Nah. Those are the quietest neighbors.

My Goodness said...

Ha, quiet neighbors!!
That sounds like a neat plan...

You would never be hideous enough to run someone off!! :)

Let's go to the Six Flags waterpark! Actually, I am planning to go in would be cool if you all could meet us there that weekend... :)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! VERY quiet neighbors!!!

We don't read the paper or watch the news much, Jeremy has to keep up with current events for work, but he checks that stuff while he's at work because it either makes me angry, nervous (with nightmares), or wondering how many more stupid people there are in the world!