Saturday, May 16, 2009


I haven't been on in a while, so I wanted to post a couple of cool things: a project I'm working on, and a Grilling Goodness, just because I couldn't resist.

Shawn just started back to college, but since he's working full time as well, finding time to read his assignments is a challenge. He mentioned to me that he wished he could pay someone to record themselves reading it out loud. Then he could load it on his MP3 player and listen on the road and at work. I was delighted to have something that I could do to help him finish his degree, so I offered to do it. So we downloaded an audio recorder program, bought a microphone, and I got right to it. I'm reading textbooks, (yay me) but then I realized I could record any book, so I'm making our own audio books. As I was working on my first project, I had the greatest idea. If I save them carefully, I could be reading to my grandkids and great-grandkids!
How cool is that?

1. Where do your shoes 'live'?

Mostly wherever I kick them off, until they migrate to my room and onto my hanging shoe rack.

2. When it's 'clean house' day, where do you start?

I start in the classroom, at the dry erase board, where I make lists of what needs to be done in each room, assign rooms to each kid, with time limits, and star values. (stars translate into cash) Then we tackle our lists from top to bottom.

3. What instrument would you like to learn to play?

I would love to play the drums, but I have no rhythm.

4. How is your mood when you're tired? Hungry? Ill?

Tired=cranky; hungry=cranky; ill=cranky. I see a pattern here...

5. If you could change a decision you made this week, what would it be?

Riding my motorcycle yesterday, since it meant I was on it for about 3 and a half hours.

6. Have you ever used public transportation regularly?
When we are in NY, we use PT into the city, and all over the city while we are there. We did the same thing in DC.

7. What are you thankful for this week?

My sister's and my Mom's surgeries going well.

8. What do you need to do more often?

Exercise. But we've been doing that a lot this week, so I'm getting better.



JMBMOMMY said...

Good for you on the exercise!! And how fun is that to record books for your children and grandchildren!!!

Suzanne said...

I wanted to say hi because it's been awhile...we need a drummer! Have a great day! :)