Tuesday, May 26, 2009


On Memorial Day, when I hopped in the car to head over to a friend's house, I reached for my Zune to crank up the tunes.

It wasn't there.

I went into the house to see which kid had helped themselves to MY personal property, and after hearing the denials, realized it wasn't the only thing missing. My GPS, Shawn's GPS, the (very expensive) DVD system, the earrings I wore in my wedding, Shawn's computer diagnostic tool, and various chargers and electrical cords were missing, too.

Thankfully, I had not left my purse in my car. (Shawn had been on me about leaving it out there in our driveway, even though we live in a very quiet, country neighborhood.)

The doors to both vehicles were left unlocked. We have not worried about anything being stolen.

We were wrong.

It pains me to know that someone walked right up to our home and took things that didn't belong to them. Things that we had worked hard to purchase, that meant something to us.

This is the epitome of disrepect, in my opinion. Disrespect for people's privacy, personal space, and personal belongings.

But it is also disrespect for themselves, as well. They are perfectly capable of earning the money it takes to own such items. Of course, I understand that it wasn't the items themselves that the thieves were after, but whatever money they could get for selling them, or trading them. I get it. I know how it works.

But through it all, I can try to teach my kids a lesson.

Do not steal. Aside from the fact that the Bible calls it sin, the victims are hurt. They feel violated. They are mad, sad, and hurt. They will spend time being afraid.

Respect others and don't steal. Respect yourself and don't steal. Respect God and DON'T STEAL!


Kelli said...

Wow, hate to hear that the kiddos are a concrete lesson in such a hard way. Is your insurance company going to replace your items?

rthling said...

Still working out the details with the insurance company. I'm not sure how much we will get back, because after deductibles factor in, and TN's limit of coverage for stolen items from a vehicle, it isn't looking good.