Friday, May 29, 2009

Grilling Goodness

1. If you had 10 hours at home alone, what would you do?
Laundry, facebook, nap, facebook, catch up on stuff on the DVR, facebook...

2. Do you have a fond memory of your dad?
Many, many fond ones. The one that sticks out today is when he taught me to water ski, and I couldn't keep my feet together, he screwed a small board between them to hold them together, until I got the hang of it.

3. Do you prefer the pool or the beach?
The pool for swimming, the beach for the salty air; the pool for relaxing, the beach for the sounds of the waves; the pool for home, the beach for vacation.

4. What's the furthest you've driven for one day of fun?
We have driven to Sikeston for throwed rolls and outlet shopping, and to Nashville for a Selah concert.

5. Solid, clear solid, clear gel or aerosol? Deodorant of choice, that is.

6. Do you tan or burn/peel?
Burn and peel at least once, then tan the rest of summer.

7. What's your favorite pasta-based meal?
Cheese manicotti. Or lasagna.

8. Do you wax or pluck your eyebrows?
Not on purpose.


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