Monday, March 3, 2008

First class ticket to Tarshish

Last year I got a word from the Lord. I knew it was a word from Him, and I was so excited about it. But while I was busy thanking God for this word, I got sidetracked by the beautifully decorated booth for the cruise line. I was the winner of a first class ticket to Tarshish. And even knowing that he wanted me to go to Nineveh, and being the easily distractable woman I am, I packed my bags and headed the opposite direction. In little tiny baby steps, and then in big giant leaps, I got farther and farther from where God wanted me. You see, going to Nineveh is not fun. It is hard work, and even though it is worth it in the end, I like the fun things in life. Like oreos. And milk. Those are the things they serve on the cruise to Tarshish. They come with a side of diabetes, and sore knees, but they taste ever so good.
So today I jumped overboard and I'm swimming for shore. I am heading to Nineveh on a bicycle. I can only do two and a half miles a day, but I'll get there eventually. And when I do, I'll hold my kids longer, and thank God for loving me enough to give me the power to bicycle at 5:50 in the morning.

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Lorrie said...

Good for you girlfriend! Five fifty huh?
Just Do It!
Pedal to the Metal!
I can do all things through Christ, I can do ALL things through Christ......