Thursday, March 6, 2008

Squeeze the duck's "what?"

The dogs are at it again. They are all over the house chasing each other, occasionally catching one another, and rolling around growling and snarling in play. When Roxie first came to us, she had no idea how much fun Cricket would provide. She was timid and unsure, and very sweet. She's still sweet, but timid no more. Their favorite toy is a stuffed duck that quacks. They have squeaky toys, and love them, but this one is their favorite. But to make it quack, you have to squeeze its behind. Could they have installed the noise maker in the duck's chest or head? No. You have to squeeze the duck's butt. Cracks Caleb up. Come to think of it, I would probably quack, too, if someone randomly squeezed my back-side.


My Goodness said...

That must be some guys sad little line...'Hey babe, can I squeeze your quacker??'

Lorrie said...

"Cracks Caleb up" was that an intentional play on words?