Monday, March 31, 2008

Inspired....or Insane? You decide.

Sometimes I wonder if I have lost my mind. I got a chance to get away from it all this weekend with my sister/best friend. I had a very nice time, and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I came home to a husband who loves me, and children holding signs they had made to welcome me home. They had gotten some random things done around the house I mentioned before I left. It was nice.
Then today we got cracking on school. In case you are blind, and can't read my profile, I homeschool my second and fourth graders. We usually have a great time. Today, however, notsomuch. We couldn't seem to get the ball rolling. It took forever to actually get started. And now, at 4:48 pm, my son, the second grader, is still sitting here in the classroom trying to muster up the will power to accomplish his spelling and math assignments. I have resorted to yelling, I'm afraid. I hate that about myself. I grew up in a house with a yelling Mom, and I don't want my kids to be afraid of me. But when I am supremely frustrated, I turn back into what I know. I am a yeller. These are the only times when I wonder if I am insane for homeschooling my kids. I know all the reasons why we made this choice. I don't want someone else to have the joy of raising my kids while I try to cram homework and family time into whatever time is left in their days. I love to see the light come on in their eyes when they get a new concept. I love knowing that my son is a math whiz and Hailey has inherited my love of reading. The decision to homeschool them was inspired by the Lord, and I know it. But sometimes I feel like I am going insane.


My Goodness said... name is Tina...and I, too, am a yeller. (crowd: Hi, Tina) I need to break this habit...but it seems like they don't hear me if I don't yell...guess I've programmed them that way.

Glad you had happy greetings when you go home!

The Boyds Family said... name is Yvette....and I am also a yeller. I hate that about myself - I work hard to overcome this downfall of mine - maybe one day I will be successful. Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against me, as I come from a long line of "yellers" so it's in my genes.

Maybe we should form a support group???