Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Way! ...Way!

I know you would never believe this by looking at me from behind, but I am a size six. I’m serious! The plus size store where my husband took me to pick up a new pair of pants has re-vamped their sizing charts. So I can truthfully tell people what size I wear and not just mumble into a cough/sneeze. No more shopping for clothes at the tent store for me! I just know they will all be fooled. Last year the stage for the Easter program was built a little differently than in years past. The stairs were a little bit narrower than before. I was mentioning that maybe some of us needed that extra room to get up there, when a passer-by overheard me and suggested I turn sideways to fit up the stairs. I very cleverly pointed out that I am the same size from side to side that I am from front to back. I guess that makes me a square. No one gets my fat jokes but my best friend. Everyone seems to get offended when I refer to myself as the “fat girl.” Makes me want to say, “What? I’m fat? No WAY!” Hello! I have a mirror. And I also have eyes... Duh!


My Goodness said...

You crack me up!! hee hee!!

The Boyds Family said...

LOL! You are so funny!

PS. No one ever gets my fat jokes either - it's like they're afraid to laugh.