Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Pedicure for the Weary

Did you know that sideways rain gets in your ears all the way to the ear drum? It is an amazing fact that a single drop of near freezing water can make it to that tender realm without losing any of its frigid temperature. I couldn't wait to get gas, so I had no choice but stop in the sideways rainstorm. I would rather I was the only one standing in the sideways rain, and the kids didn't have to walk in the sideways rain. Did I mention it was raining SIDEWAYS? It does this only when the wind is blowing hard enough to push over a two hundred (cough-ty-snort) pound woman who is standing outside. (If you want that in real numbers, you will have to read this.)
The kids had testing today at the umbrella school with which we are enrolled. I thought I was going to go today, get a pedicure and enjoy a couple of hours off. But what I really ended up doing was watching a friend's girls. They are cute and sweet and not even one bit of trouble, but it wasn't the same as a pedicure. So I will go get pampered tomorrow, and Caleb will go with me. He is finished with his tests, but Hailey has one more day. I wonder what color he will want on his toenails....

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Blue, definitely blue!!