Thursday, January 1, 2009


Some people are naturally good gift givers. Some, however, generally stink at the art. Shawn, for example, usually ends up spoiling the surprise before the time comes.

But if you are exceptionally lucky, like me, you have one person in your life who is very, very good at giving the perfect gift. This person is probably very thoughtful, and by that, I just mean that they put a lot of thought into creating perfection with a gift. Said gift doesn't have to be especially expensive, it just has to fit the recipient to a T. And by that, I don't mean clothes, necessarily, although sometimes it is clothing.

The perfect gift giver in my life is my sister, and my kids were delighted to get their Chritmas gift from their Aunt Chris. She spent about a month compiling a bag full of little delights for each of them: bubblegum scented lotion and body wash for Hailey, mirrored spy glasses for Caleb, Jolly Rancher flavored lip gloss for the girl, a harmonica for the boy, among all the wonderful assortment in Caleb's bag was a canister of Flarp. In case you don't know what Flarp is, I will enlighten you. It is essentially a can full of farts. And who doesn't like hearing a good poot? Of course the toot putty produced, along with the sound of butt burps, uproarious laughter.

Thank you, Auntie Kiss!


Kelli said...

HA-ha!!! Samuel got some some FLARP for his birthday from our pastor's kids and hated it. He wanted to throw it away. Benjamin, on the other hand, LOVED it. He convinced Samuel to give it to him. His favorite thing to do with it is hold the jar and bend over (back facing whomever happens to be his target) and flarp noise while making them think it is something else. We enjoy potty humor around. (Which is why we have Captain Underpants books)

Chris said...

worth EVERY penny, just to hear Hailey laugh like that:)