Friday, January 9, 2009

Grilling Goodness # 13

1. What's your 'dream machine' - as in vehicle? Do you think you'll ever own it?

I am personally partial to the Nissan 350 Z. I think it's sleek, and sexy. (if, indeed a car can be sexy...)

2. Can you water ski?

I learned to water ski when I was pretty young. My dad actually screwed a board between my skis because I couldn't hold my legs together to stand.

3. What kind of milk to you prefer?

I prefer whole milk, but we drink 2% instead.

4. Have any of your pet peeves 'gotten your goat' this week?

Um, Hailey having her classic meltdowns.

5. How do you prepare your taxes? HR Block, Turbo Tax, by hand - or does someone else do it for you?

I have used TurboTax online for years. I swear by it. I actually do all the preliminary input in January, while we wait for W2s and paperwork. That way, when everything comes in, all I have to do is input the missing numbers, file, and in 10 to 16 days my automatic deposit it in the bank, and I am at the store shopping. ;^P

6. Did you start a workout program this New Year?

Um, not yet, but I hope to soon...

7. Do you have a certain meal that you cook each and every week?

No, I usually go by whatever is on sale, meat-wise, and build from there. So, it varies.

8. When do you normally write your blog posts?

Whenever the creative juices flow, or Tina posts a Grilling Goodness.


1 comment:

My Goodness said...

That car is HOT! lol

5. Me too! Except we're just going to save most of our return this year.

7. Good plan

8. I feel special!

Glad you played! :)