Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ralph S. Mouse, indeed!

I'm not a squeamish momma.

Well, I'm a squeamish momma when it comes to bugs and spiders, but tiny little rodents don't bother me.

Well, tiny little rodents bother me when they are in my house, but when I find them outside, I think they're okay.

Apparently, I think they're okay when they are in Hubby's workshop, too.

As I was exiting said workshop, arms laden with the tools needed for the job to which I was commencing, a little bundle of hair caught my eye.

I backed up and looked again.

And I saw the cutest little brown mouse hunched in a ball on a battery charger.

I put on a pair of gloves.

I put on an extra glove over first pair.

I very quietly, very quickly caught him in my hands.

Say hello to my little friend.



Smiling Shelly said...

Awe! A little field mouse - he was sitting on that battery trying to get warm from all that horrid cold weather, I'm sure!

Don't let the pups see him though, that's what they were bread for [YIKES] - Guess that means you won't have to worry about them getting into your house though ;)

Joanna said...

Is he winking or does he have a black eye? Did he put up a fight? You are braver than I am cuz I would have screamed let alone grabbed it!

Kelli said...

EWWWW!!!! I am a squeamish mom, there is no way I could have picked it up, even with the double-plied gloves!! YUCK!!!

My Goodness said...

Not QUITE the reaction I would've had...but I'm glad you found a friend!! :)

Chris said...

Tell your little friend to find another home.

Debbie said...

You are better than me! That little rodent would have freaked me out.