Monday, January 12, 2009

Stuff and Nonsense

I have been tagged by Kelli at The Land of Boys. She tagged me with a photo tag. The rules are pretty simple. Go to your picture files. Click on folder number four. Click on the fourth picture. Post it. It's as simple as that.

Like Kelli, I was worried that it wouldn't be good, but here's a shot of Caleb going up for a shot.

Yesterday will not go down in history as my finest day. After hearing the news that my pastor is retiring, and trying to process the info, I heard some other devastating news. I ended up texting my sister, who was sick at home, something flippant about both pieces of info. Turns out she didn't know the second. I'm SUCH an idiot.

Then I got home, and we found Zaccheus running free in the house. We had put him in the playroom behind the gate before we left, so we figured he had somehow climbed over it or through it, or under it. Apparrently, he is quite the Houdini, which makes him, I suppose, the Zucchini. But then we realized that I had left the dog door open, and we already know he can get out of the fence. (the little brat!) So, either he climbed over the gate, and into the kitchen, or he got out of the fence, let himself inside, and closed the door behind himself, or he got out, a neighbor found him, and put him in our unlocked house while we were gone. I hope if the last one is true, which is the most likely, that they didn't do anything yucky while they were here.


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Chris said...

trusty neighbor probably licked around all of the edges of your glasses while they were there.