Friday, June 26, 2009

Grilling Goodness (short and sweet)

1. When you were growing up dreaming of having children...dreaming of what their names would be...did you stick with those names?
I don't remember having baby names picked out.

2. Are you affected by the death of Michael Jackson?
I didn't feel the need to call my sister that MJ had passed, nor that Farrah had passed. But when I heard that Willie Herenton had resigned being Memphis mayor, I picked up the phone.

3. Do you use your dishwasher and your fireplace?
Yes on both. I love that my electric fireplace can be used anytime, because it can be just a fire without heat.

4. Have you ever been on a mission trip?
Not out of the country, but I have participated in backyard Bible clubs downtown in Memphis. Does that count?

5. Will your kids participate in a Vacation Bible school this summer?
Already have.

6. What about the economy is affecting you the worst?
Mostly just the money part.

7. Do your kids do chores?
When they are awake, they do.

8. Do you use energy efficient light bulbs?
Only when I want to see in the dark.


1 comment:

JMBMOMMY said...

Okay, I am curious about the fireplace...I want one like that! We looked at a house that had one but didn't buy it...ours just nasty. Firebricks are completely black and it stinks..are they easily converted?