Friday, June 19, 2009

Grilling Goodness

I'm on the laptop, so I don't have the little grilling picture. But here's the scoop...

1. What do you like most about your skin?
Hmm, I love that it's on the outside of my body, effectively holding my organs together. I also love that I have a nice complection, and my skin on my face is soft.

2. Does your spouse mind grocery shopping for you or with you?
No, he actually likes to go with me, and if I give him a detailed list including brand names, package sizes and quantity desired, he's fine with going for me. But he's a weird sort who also likes to go to the mall or hang out at Best Buy or Sam's, too.

3. Do you have access to a pool for the summer?
Oh, yes! My sister has a delicious pool in her back yard, complete with diving board, slide, and water!

4. Do you have plans for Father's Day?
I figure we'll take Daddy out to lunch after church, and he might get lucky, too. (a foot massage, guys! I was talking about a foot massage!)

5. Is there anything that terrified you as a child that you find .... now?
I was always a little afraid of the dark, and storms still make me very nervous. I think the storm fear might have started when I was young and a tornado was coming, we jumped in the car and went to the hospital to bunker down in the basement.

6. If you could do something instantly, what would it be?
Uh, I would heal Zacchie from his surgery, and drop 5 or 100 pounds.

7. What would you do to entertain visitors from out of town?
I could dance a little jig and sing a ditty. Or I could feed them well, take them to my sister's place and hang at the pool with them. Or we could go camping together.

8. If your best friend owes you money, do you bug them until you get it?
No, I usually forget to get it back until she remembers to give it to me. We don't ever let money come between us.


Kelli said...

Foot massage?!?!? Yeah, I bet that's what you were taking about!!!

rthling said...

Kelli, the first thing he said this morning was, "you think I could get a foot massage today?"
I looked at him like he was nuts and asked him why he would ask that. He said he figured if ever in the year there was a day for giving him a foot massage, today would be the day.
He had not seen this post.
Do I know him, or what?
Well, off to find some lotion...

Kelli said...