Friday, July 4, 2008

Don't you just love the smell of...

A newborn baby, just after her first bath?

Coffee, first thing in the morning?

Puppy breath?

Freshly washed sheets, after hanging dry in the sunny breeze?

Bacon frying when you're camping?

A campfire?

Roasted marshmallows? Are you sensing a theme here?

A bouquet of wildflowers, picked by your son?

The salty air, that tells you the beach is very close?

The box of recipes from your grandmother's house, that smells just like her?

A pot roast you remembered to put in before you left for church?

Chocolate chip cookies or brownies your ten year old daughter is baking?

An apple pie you have just taught your ten year old daughter to bake?

A properly ripe fresh pineapple?

What smells make you smile? Do share.



HappyChristian said...

Raspberry tea
children's hair after it's been washed
most any flower
choc. chip cookies
Jeremy (his pillow is staring to loose his smell)
air after the rain
that's jsut to name a few

Eeyore said...

the smell of a clean house
the smell of paid bills
the smell of children with a good attitude...

Eeyore said...

Oh...and the color nine:)

Lorrie said...

fresh cut grass in the spring
a clean house
My man!

Kellan said...

These are all wonderful smells and honeysuckle too!

Take care - Kellan

The Boyds Family said...

My husband after he gets out of the shower.
The smell of rain.
Clean bed linens.
Puppy's breath.

Just to name a this post!