Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday (not!)

I was going to do a wordless Wednesday, but who are we kidding? I don't know how to be wordless. I have to share the story behind the pictures.

Hailey is on a baking kick. We had family in for the weekend, as you know, and she was the little hostess. (not the Twinkie kind) She did bake muffins each morning. They were the pre-packaged deal-y things that you just add milk to and bake. Well, Mom stopped by and realized what Hailey was up to, and decided to bring by some fresh blueberries from her own back yard and a recipe for made-from-scratch muffins. Oh, yay!
So she made muffins the next morning. But instead of baking powder, she used baking soda.
Scratch batch number one.
Now the blueberries are gone, so she gets the idea to make some with chocolate chips.
But Mom's handwriting is a bit difficult to read, and she mis-interprets the 2's for 3's. So the 1/2 cup of sugar was only 1/3, and the 1 and 1/2 cup milk was only 1 and 1/3.
Scratch batch number two.
So today, after I bought more blueberries, and she decided to try some with strawberries, as well, she is working on batches three and four.
My kitchen will never be the same.



rthling said...

Oh, and I'll be lame and leave my first comment. These muffins are the best I've ever had!
Good job, my Baby!

Eeyore said...

yummy! I'll be over...after the dishes are done:)

Kelli said...

You must be a very cool mom to not get on to your kids for messing up the kitchen. (reminds me maybe I should not be so uptight) Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

My Goodness said...

Good for her on trying...and trying...and trying...and trying.

Wish I could have a muffin...sniff.

The Boyds Family said...

Determination! I like that!! Good Job!!

Kellan said...

So funny you couldn't do the WW - I couldn't do it either. Cute little baker you got there. Take care - Kellan

rthling said...

Actually, I had to leave the kitchen entirely. I couldn't watch. She really works better when I teach her the basics and then get out of the way.
And now the dishes are done. Hey, guess what I'm having tomorrow for breakfast!

Lorrie said...

I love this faze of their childhood, when they start sprouting wings and finding new ways of being independent. Kudos to you and Haley. I know I would be proud too.

Shannon said...

I couldn't be wordless on Wednesday either, so I canned the whole idea and told Emmerson's story. Sigh. Maybe next week.