Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thomas and Son

**updated 7/7**
My husband is the fixer of many things. He can't go camping without looking for something to fix. If something has broken around the house, I know that I only need wait for him to come home, and it will be repaired post-haste, whatever that means.
So it should be no surprise that he always has an ongoing project or two lying about the house, or cluttering up the yard. This past weekend it was two projects. He was working on a boat for someone he used to work with, and a wrecked truck which my mother recently acquired.
Now, on top of all this, I had my cousin staying with us for the weekend, and we pulled the camper around front for the kids to "camp" in while they used the kids' bedrooms. So on this half acre lot there was the following:
one boat
one camper
two trailers
two mini-vans
one compact car
**update** two mid-size cars
one pick-up truck
two motorcycles
and a partridge in a pear tree

Needless to say, this theme song kept running through my head every time I looked outside.
But, the boat is now fixed, and is waiting to be retrieved, the truck is repaired and gone, the cousin's mini-van is back at her home, and the camper is still sitting right outside my front door. Sounds like a project for tomorrow.



My Goodness said...

A husband that does things quickly...that's a blessing! Treasure it DEARLY! :)

Ahem...not bad-mouthing D, but he isn't in as much of a hurry as I am most of the time.

Eeyore said...

Hey...we brought two cars with us:)

Lorrie said...

So, can Shawn fix car windows? You know about my redneck van with the window that won't roll up once it's rolled down....poor thing.
I haven't been through a drive- through in ages.
And if there is a fly in the van, we can only shoo it out of the passenger side window.
Poor me.