Thursday, July 24, 2008

What would YOU do, if your mother asked you?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I don't generally panic in a crisis. I have held together the edges of my nephew's scalp while waiting on hold with the pediatrician's office as my sister ran to throw on some clothes and rush him in for stitches. I have leaned over my two year old son who was strapped to a papoose board and draped with only one eye showing, calming his screams with soothing words of comfort and love as the doctor stitched his eyebrow shut.

But what do you do when your child has been bitten by a horsefly and 24 hours later he comes to you with his whole shoulder swollen, inflamed and feverish? I hate not knowing what to do when my kids are sick. I have searched online and come up with

not much.

His reaction is not what you would call severe, but it looks bad to me. I spoke with a nurse friend this morning who said that the chlorine in the pool he's spending the day at will actually help disinfect it. But just in case, I have my cell phone on me, and if I have to, I'll pick him up from his day of fun and run him in for an arm transplant.



HappyChristian said...

As long as their breathing ok, not a lot of blood or any bones going the wrong way (or sticking out) I don't generally freak anymore. There are many a time I get frustrated and seem like I've lost my brain because I don't know what to do, yes - like hives with an oncoming sore/swollen throat!
I hope he gets better and still has a good day. I am praying for peace for you in knowing what to do.
p.s. I don't have any extra arms laying around, sorry. :)

Kelli said...

ok, not trying to scare you, it could be cellulitus. Don't read stuff on the internet about or you will panic. If the swelling does not go down in a couple of days, take him to the dr. for antibiotics. I got it last fall from a spider bite. My sister had it from a bee sting. If left untreated it can infected, but it not generally life-threatening. Hope he is feeling better!!!

rthling said...

Oh, yay! Cellulitis. Well, the good news is it looked better this afternoon, but if it still looks bad tomorrow, I may take him in to the Dr. to be sure.
I'll let y'all know.

The Boyds Family said...

Cellulitis?? Is that where cellulite comes from?? If so, I think I've got it too!! Did she say that there's an antibiotic for that??? If so, where do I go and how do I get there??

Sorry, I know that it really isn't a laughing matter but that is where my warped mind went, AND since I've already read the next post and I know he's gonna be okay, I thought it would be alright for me to make a little funny - maybe that funny bone is getting better ;)

Glad he's gonna live. After all, I don't have any spare arms around here either. :)