Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's an Rthling?

You know when you are a grown-up, but deep down inside you are still a kid? You want to do all the fun stuff grown-ups get to do, but you want to play and be goofy like you did as a teenager. Well, this name is a product of my time as a full grown adolescent.
I've always had a fascination of personalized licence plates. And Marvin the Martian has always been my favorite cartoon character. So when I had a green Dodge Neon, Shawn had a graphic of him in my back window. I went through a ton of clever letter combinations trying to think of a cute licence plate. I finally settled on RTHLING. It sounds like "earthling," but only has seven letters. Although I never got around to having the plates made, I got some rockin' mud flaps one year from my sister with Marvin saying "BACK OFF!" and my father-in-law bought me a beautiful key chain that ended up getting swallowed by my mom's house. Eventually I had one I used for a long time that said "keys to the mother ship."
So now you know. I'm just a big kid.



Eeyore said...

as if we didn't already know that!!

My Goodness said...

And I love it!! :)

Kelli said...

Ha ha, I think you must be my personality twin. nice post

The Boyds Family said...

Thanks for clearing that up for us. HA!!


HappyChristian said...

Ah, so now the truth comes out! HAHAHA! Just kidding. Jer loves Marvin also, even have a Christmas ornament just for him. He used to have the car mats and many other Marvin the Martin things.