Tuesday, December 23, 2008

God is good ALL the time

It has been a tough morning, what with waking up with fluid in my inner ear, and feeling dizzy and nauseous, and having a list of stuff to do before my family comes here for cookies and presents. But I got a call from the stove repair guy saying the part to repair my broken oven is no longer available, and the insurance company would have to replace my stove entirely. I gave them a couple of hours to look over the paperwork, and called to see what next. They told me that they were not going to replace it, and that they wanted to buy back the warranty. I was astounded to tears. I actually laughed first, and had the guy clarify that they were going to do nothing at all for me. Then I cried while I wished him a Merry Christmas, and hung up. I think he might have felt bad, but, whatever.

Cut to this afternoon, after the kids and I had spent the day cleaning and getting the house ready. I sat down for a minute at the computer, and read a very encouraging letter from my friend Jenny, then poked through craigslist for a bit.

Okay, I know God is good, and I shouldn't ever be surprised at the way He meets our needs, but this one was HUGE!

I found a stove like ours on craigslist, and went out to see it. I didn't want to spend more that $100 for it, although he had it listed for $150. When I saw it, I knew it would be perfect, but he said he couldn't take $100, and he had someone else coming to look at it later. So I offered him all I had, which was $128. He looked at me and said, but it's only $125! Apparently, he had adjusted the ad today, and I saw the old price. But get this.

While we were loading it up, I asked about the dishwasher I could see sitting near. I wondered how much he wanted for it, and whether it might be there after I got my reimbursement from the warranty company. He asked if I wanted it, and I said I did, but I didn't have any more money. He said I could have it for FREE!!!

I started crying, and praising God right there in the guy's garage. They are a matching pair of white Frigidaires. I needed white appliances!

Can you believe all this?

I'll have a stove AND a dishwasher when my Dad comes for the weekend!


My Goodness said...

Wow! Isn't it WONDERFUL to SEE God's hand on even the most random stuff?!

Congratulations to you!!

Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, friend! :)

Elizabeth M Thompson said...

What a tremendous blessing. Thanks for sharing this encouraging story.

Kelli said...

Wow. God is so good. Hope you guys had a great Christmas.