Saturday, December 20, 2008

Said The Little Lamb... Do You See What I See?

While finishing up some of the cleanup that invariably follows a move, I saw something I thought blog-worthy.
I took a picture.

My sister didn't see it at first.

Do you?

Tell me what you see, and next week I'll tell you what I saw.



Kelli said...

I see itty-bitty hangers that probably did not get moved because they are not needed in a big-kid house.

rthling said...

Good one, Kelli! You're not far off.
Chris will probably say something about how she DOESN'T see where Hailey wrote her name on the wall.

Kelli said...

If I am not far off does this mean I see itty-bitty hangers that ARE going to be used by a third child????

rthling said...

If so, I'm going to have a long talk with the OB/GYN who tied my tubes seven years ago, LOL!

My Goodness said...'s almost the ultimate clean closet b/c there are no clothes.

I see unmatched hangers...and yes, the little ones that won't work for anyone in your house (so hand them over)

Do tell.