Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Set free the Zephyr

I saw my first real wildlife (besides squirrels) this morning as I was walking the dogs. While I was waiting patiently for Zacchie to do... well, what Zacchie does, two slender deer lept silently out of the woods and crossed the street to the lake. How graceful they were! I could almost hear what one was saying to the other as they sailed through the trees,
"Just let your heart lead and your feet will follow, and we'll bound and leap like a gentle breeze. Bound and leap like a zephyr set free. Bound, and, of course, leap." (Milo and Otis)



Chris said...

you forgot about the one that tried to take the van out the other night:)

Kelli said...

AH!!! Deer! I can't stand them!! We have them in our yard. They like to eat flowers. And do they always cross the road WHEN A CAR IS COMING?!?!?!?! I know they are not known as the most intelligent of all animals, but how dumb do they have to be to say "Hmmm... there is something big and loud coming. I'm going to run across in front of it."?