Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas for a week

It has been a lazy couple of days around the Thomas home this week. And by lazy, I mean sleeping in, cuz yesterday, after I got up, we were gone running errands all day.

But this morning I didn't wake up until almost nine. I feel like a new person. (a very tired new person)

All of the family has come and gone. It was a very busy Christmas. I wanted everyone to come here and see the new place, but it was exhausting.

With all the extended family that I can't have here at the same time, it was spread out over a week. Trying to keep this place visitor-ready is hard!

Mom came over on Tuesday, and we had an awkward couple of hours with her and my sister's families.

Wednesday I spent the day baking and enjoying some real Christmas fun with sister at her place. (she gives the bestest presents!)

Christmas Day the former two-doors-down neighbors dropped in to see what we've done to the place, and later, Step-Dad number two and his wife came over. We had a lovely time laughing and playing a new game with the kids.

Friday I went shopping with big sister while hubby and the kids readied the house for Dad to come visit for the weekend. (thanks guys!) The rest of the weekend was a blur.

By the time he left, I was so tired I wanted to cry, but we had one more visit for which to prepare. Shawn's aunt and uncle, who didn't even know we had moved, (bad form, Shawn!) came over for a couple of hours.

And now I'm waiting for the electrician to come over and hook up my hot tub so I can relax for a couple of days before we get back to school.

Happy New Year!


Kelli said...

Wow, that sounds super-tiring!! We only have one get together here, but have to go other places spread out over a few days. That is exhausting enough!! I can't imagine having everyone HERE and having to add clean-ups in between each set of visitors!!!

Lorrie said...

Whew. I'm tired now.
I love your appliances story.
We serve a "with us" God. Glory!


My Goodness said...

Whew...I'm glad I don't have to "do Christmas" for as long as you do!! LOL But I'm glad you got to show of your new home...when do I get to come see??

After the hot tub is hooked up, of course... :)