Thursday, February 19, 2009

Disobedience = slavery

Why is it that when I send the kids to bed, they always find some reason to get up again?
I was having this conversation just the other day with a friend. When my kids were younger, I had this one all figured out, but now that they're older, it isn't so easy.
Last night I had a epiphany. Every time one of them got out of bed, they had to do something for me in addition to the drink of water they 'had' to have. If they decided they 'needed' a band-aid, they had to serve me in some way.
I know it sounds like I'm a crazy mother or something, but stick with me, there's a lesson here.
Although Shawn and I were giggling over my new idea, it has a great measure of truth behind it.
When we choose to disobey, we fall into slavery to our choices. Sometimes the bondage in unexpected.
Meanwhile, I had a nice fresh glass of ice water brought to me, and I didn't even have to get up to turn the light out.

And that's my 200th post!



Kelli said...

He-he!! I thought it was only my kids who got so many times. They always try to make it better by giving mom a hug or something. Sometimes I just want to say "If you love go to bed!!"

Anonymous said...

OOOOohhhhhhh, I LIKES that one!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Diane, you are brilliant!

Chris said...

THAT is what I call creative parenting:)

JMBMOMMY said...

See I don't play when I say stay in the bed--LOL! So I say..whatever it takes--I am 100% supportive!!! :)