Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's that NOISE?

[Scene] Mom and Dad lying in bed, um drifting off to sleep, hear an unusual sound coming from somewhere across the hall.

*Sound happens again*

Mom steps out into hall.

Mom (using authoritative voice) - What's going on?

Daughter - huh?

Mom - What's that noise?

Daughter - What noise?

*Son's room is mysteriously silent*

Son - It was me.

Mom - What were you doing?

Son - It's kind of hard to explain...

*Mom opens son's bedroom door with a flourish*

Mom - Try!

*Son, lying on bed, points to foot board of bed*

Son - I was standing up there, and just fell back down here.

Mom - That's a bad idea. Go to sleep.

Son - Yes ma'am.

*Mom goes back to bed and giggles with Dad*

[End scene]


Kelli said...

What is it with boys? They always do what is totally unexpected.

Chris said...


JMBMOMMY said...

:) so cute.